As promised here previously, we will continue to unpack the Urban Diabetes Action Framework. Last time we looked at Step 3, which was about securing commitment and attracting stakeholders. This week we profile Step 4  – Prepare a Plan

The Urban Diabetes Action Framework (UDAF) is the ideal companion to kick-start or reinvigorate your public health project. I invite you to explore the Framework on our website ( and share it with your partners. Let us now unpack Step 4.

Action Framework: Step 4

Let’s have a look at the task list:

1. Assess the available resources and capacity – Follow the Framework process to For your intervention activities to function as intended, they need to be delivered in the right way. In step 4, you will assess available resources, create an action plan that outlines how, when and where to deliver the intervention, as well as set up processes to monitor and evaluate it.conduct an assessment of the resources and capacity available to create a feasible action plan, and stay mindful of the potential need for additional resources, capacity building and staff training

2. Create an action plan– A crucial step that will outline the who, what, where, when, and how to deliver the intervention. The Action Plan Template will guide you through

3. Design a monitoring and evaluation system– An essential component of a well-executed intervention is a monitoring and evaluation system. Follow the system guide to determine how to do it well and how the findings can be used.

Next time we’ll preview Step 5 and how the Urban Diabetes Action Framework helps you assess the available resources, your capacity to deliver and create an action plan.