On 16 November, Madrid Salud, the institutional partner in Madrid for Cities Changing Diabetes, will celebrate the 10th anniversary of its Food, Physical Activity and Health (ALAS) programme with a gala event and roundtable discussion. The ALAS programme offers workshops in Madrid to raise awareness on how habits of healthy food and physical activity can improve the quality of life. As part of the research phase for Cities Changing Diabetes in Madrid the partners have been evaluating the ALAS programme and are working on an action plan based on research findings. 

In this context, Madrid Salud has decided to celebrate the success of its ALAS programme during the last 10 years, with an event in which their most relevant partners of the programme will be acknowledged. After a review of the achievements during the years, there will be an institutional opening by José Luis Martínez-Almeida, Mayor of Madrid, followed by a recognition to the programme’s key partners. During the ceremony, Israel Pizarro, Head of Public Affairs for Novo Nordisk in Spain, will receive a recognition on behalf of Cities Changing Diabetes for its contribution to the continuous development of the ALAS programme.  

Later in the programme, attention will shift to a roundtable discussion on experiences with vulnerable groups and how strategic alliances have been established, what they consist of, and remaining opportunities. Israel Pizarro will participate in the discussion as ambassador for Cities Changing Diabetes in Spain together with partners from Madrid Salud. More than 200 attendees will gather to highlight how important and effective healthy habits, fostered at a community level, can be in preventing diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and obesity. The Cities Changing Diabetes alliance with the ALAS programme and Madrid Salud will be showcased as an example of evidence-based interventions to tackle obesity and prevent type 2 diabetes.

Digital attendance registrations are still open and can be reserved. If you would like to join and observe, you can sign up here.