On November 13th, just before World Diabetes Day, the European capital city of Strasbourg becomes the first French city to join the Cities Changing Diabetes programme. 

About the programme

A press conference to launch the programme and coalition will be held on this day, with local authorities and the Ambassador of Denmark.

Strasbourg was chosen because of the high prevalence of diabetes in its region. But beyond the figures, Strasbourg and its region have also a very rich ecosystem of companies and associations promoting innovative initiatives for prevention and health promotion. 

“We are pleased to be part of this major project. It is clear to us that this collaborative action will improve the quality of life of vulnerable people and, in the long term, reduce their risk of developing diabetes", says Jean-François Thebaut, Vice-President of the French Diabetes Federation.

The programme will first implement a prevention project targeting young people and schoolkids to reduce overweight, obesity and diabetes. Two smart greenhouses will be set up in an association and a primary school. In addition, a programme of preventive health and adapted physical activities will be created and deployed by ‘Siel Bleu’, a local association and prevention actor. 

The second pillar of the programme will feature an intervention around diabetes prevention and food education with a focus on vulnerable individuals living in precarity. The intervention will be rolled out with the participation of the National Food Banks Network: cooking and health advice sessions will be held every month with the local food banks as well as the local diabetes association.

A scientific study with the European Centre for Diabetes Research (CeeD) will then strengthen the knowledge on urban diabetes in the first phase of the project. Finally, the centre, in partnership with the City of Strasbourg, will conduct an evaluation of the project on a long-term perspective, to strengthen the sustainability of the programme and devise of adapted activities in the future.

Please join us today on Twitter @CitiesDiabetes to welcome Strasbourg to our global network!