KB Strelka, a Cities Changing Diabetes programme partner in Moscow, has developed Healthy Cities, an online educational course designed for a broad audience. It focuses on the city's impact on the physical and emotional health of children, adults and the elderly. The course looks at how improvements in architecture and planning could raise well-being amongst these target groups.


The course was developed with doctors, healthcare workers, architects, urban planners and medical anthropologists. They formulated health problems associated with environmental conditions and shared specific approaches and ideas that influence aspects of health when planning cities.

I am pleased to report that one part of the course is inspired by the Cities Changing Diabetes programme. Partners at KB Strelka have extended their special thanks to Anna-Maria Volkmann, Doctor of Philosophy, University College London,  and academic lead of Cities Changing Diabetes, who personally made a big contribution to the development of this part of the syllabus, as well as sharing her brilliant insights during a video lecture for the participants. Well done Moscow, and thanks indeed to Anna-Maria!