Twenty dedicated Nordic walkers braved the snow and ice for a televised segment by the Serbian Broadcasting Company to mark the tremendously successful first year of action by Cities Changing Diabetes in Belgrade in December. 

National TV channel covers Belgrade Cities Changing Diabetes anniversary

The school of Nordic walking is a key pillar of the Belgrade programme, and walkers meet under the supervision of medical nurses and professional sports trainers. Participants gather for organised walks throughout Belgrade, featuring special guest appearances including celebrities and doctors, nutritionists and psychologists. 26 sessions took place in the first year of the project.

More than 1000 residents are using the accompanying phone application, and together they have clocked up more than 60 million steps – a giant 63 thousand kilometres walked! Well done!

Milestones unlock donations to the project from Novo Nordisk and partners include the Danish Embassy, the City of Belgrade and national diabetes organisations – all committed to boosting awareness and creating early diabetes and obesity prevention programmes.

The partners have also created a community initiative dedicated to preventing diabetes and obesity through a healthy lifestyle called Open the Blue Circle. Residents are mobilised through digital channels, including a website, mobile application and local Facebook page.