On 30 August, we hosted the fourth CCD Rounds live webinar showcasing the Healthy Foodscape research undertaken in Bogotá, Colombia. It was a very inspiring session learning about how the health department in Bogota has collaborated with Gehl, an urban design practice, and the local Cities Changing Diabetes team to identify the relationship between food behaviours and the urban environment. 

CCD Rounds #4

The study, which is available here, is a rich resource for anyone interested in understanding the dynamics at play in modern urban food environments, and the CCD Rounds discussion was an excellent opportunity to shine a light on this. It was interesting to hear about identifying ways of achieving a positive dietary shift at the community level, which could prevent diabetes. I recommend watching the webinar, which contains lots of relatable examples and advice from the people behind the study and its next steps.  

We had more than 200 attendees to the live session, and the recording is available online for those of you who would like to watch it.

I hope you have seen the first three episodes of our series – if not, you can watch them on our dedicated portal here. CCD Rounds are an opportunity to learn about diabetes and obesity prevention directly from the people executing real cases of health promotion, activities and encouraging best practice policy initiatives.