On 2 December, Cities Changing Diabetes partners from Strasbourg won the Corporate Social Responsibility Award from the French pharmaceutical body, Les Entreprises du Médicament (LEEM). It was in recognition of the implementation and development of the Cities Changing Diabetes programme in Strasbourg and beat 50 other category entrants to the top prize. The award was given to the whole coalition behind Cities Changing Diabetes in Strasbourg, including Novo Nordisk France, the Danish Embassy in France and the Municipality of Strasbourg.

Launched in November 2020, the Strasbourg programme focused actions on three areas:

1. Fighting diabetes and obesity in the young by raising awareness among parents and children about health, food and sustainability, plus introducing physical activity programmes in eight schools. Greenhouses were installed in a cultural and social centre and elementary schools to promote healthy food.

2. Preventing diabetes and obesity in vulnerable individuals through adapted physical activities for adults in collaboration with the Unis vers le sport association; prevention flyers in food banks in conjunction with the National Diabetes Federation and the local Diabetes Association; and awareness and screening sessions with the European Diabetes Study Center (CeeD). 

3. An obesity and diabetes research study to target specific districts in the Strasbourg Eurometropolis was conducted by the Regional Health Observatory, improving knowledge to reach at-risk populations better and evaluate the actions implemented.

You can read more and see the other categories here (French)