Poland's two-city Cities Changing Diabetes programme is progressing to its active phase. Last year, the programme initiated a survey of 4,000 stakeholders (many teachers) from Warsaw and Krakow. On 15 December, the data gathered on diabetes, diet, physical activity and obesity-related issues were presented to the National Scientific Council for Cities Changing Diabetes in Poland to shape recommendations and the council has now identified the relevant interventions.

Cities Changing Diabetes partners from Krakow and Warsaw

The study, conducted by Lazarski University as part of the Cities Changing Diabetes programme,  highlighted the need for intervention at the systemic, local and school levels. Recommendations include more actions by families and schools in addition to the healthcare system.

Preventing and treating childhood obesity should be organised across three levels: primary care, counselling and interdisciplinary specialised centres. The report indicated there would be a significant benefit to boosting teachers’ knowledge of the causes, symptoms and management of hyperglycaemia and hypoglycaemia.

Interesting findings from the scientific report also included, the integration of school medicine and telemedicine with GPs and the introduction of subsidies for schools attended by students requiring medical support. Actions promoting physical activity and a healthy diet, co-financing suitable meals for children living with diabetes, and involving parents in health-promoting activities were also singled out.

Great progress from our colleagues in Poland – Well done! I look forward to keeping you posted on the actions and interventions which flow from this impressive project in due course.