Cities Changing Diabetes partners in Kyiv have undertaken three big initiatives simultaneously in recent months. They started with a communication campaign across the Kyiv public transport network during December and January. The capital city is home to 90,000 people diagnosed with diabetes, including 14,000 insulin-dependent people. Advertisements carry messages about diabetes prevention and have been strategically located on buses, trolleys, and the metro.

Cities Changing Diabetes Kyiv launches a health-promoting publicity campaign

The creative campaign took over metro cars, dividing carriages into two categories. The cars with healthy habits promoted prevention messages, and the cars with unhealthy habits communicated how lifestyle can influence type 2 diabetes development.

The partners, which include the Kyiv City State Administration, the Danish Embassy, and Novo Nordisk Ukraine, also brought together 10,000 healthcare experts for an online marathon, a forum for diabetes, treatment, proper nutrition, mental health, and related discussions in January.

Eight further online discussions with experts in diabetes and obesity treatment will take place between now and May. To cap off a really active period, Cities Changing Diabetes will launch a Mobile Health Station in Kyiv to screen the blood sugar and BMI of Kyiv citizens. The mobile station will get to work next month. Keep up the excellent work!