I am pleased to confirm the next episode of the CCD Rounds on 26 October. This time the live event will focus on childhood overweight and obesity in cities. We are fortunate to welcome guest presenter Jo Jewell from UNICEF’s headquarters in New York and Professor Corinna Hawkes from the University of London for our fifth CCD Rounds webinar.  

CCD Rounds #5

Join this session to learn about Children eating well in cities, the UNICEF roadmap to support nutritious diets and healthy environments. The roadmap outlines ways to tackle the growing prevalence of childhood overweight, obesity, and malnutrition, focusing on urban contexts. Drawing on work from London, Cape Town and the Philippines, we will also learn how engaging children and families in research using qualitative methods can help us better understand their “lived experience” and unlock new policy approaches to promote nutritious diets in urban settings.

Please sign up for the live event here
26 October
15.00 CEST and 09.00 New York local time

I hope you have seen the first four episodes of our series – if not, you can watch them on our dedicated portal here. CCD Rounds are an opportunity to learn about diabetes and obesity prevention directly from the people executing real cases of health promotion, activities and encouraging best practice policy initiatives.