On 19 November, Cities Changing Diabetes proudly welcomed the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv to the global network. I wish our new partners well in their launch ambition to better prevent diabetes, provide more timely diagnosis and good quality treatment for the city residents. At the launch ceremony Anna Starostenko, Deputy Chairman of the Kyiv Municipality, signed the Urban Diabetes Declaration and was joined by the General Director of Novo Nordisk Ukraine Vladyslav Moroz, who presented a selection of initiatives the programme will roll out first. 

The Cities Changing Diabetes programme in Kyiv began with an online event offering a platform for medical experts, healthy lifestyle practitioners, and public officials to discuss diabetes-related issues. A minibus converted into a mobile health station will move around the city, building greater awareness and offering health tests including blood sugar level measurement, blood pressure, and BMI in a drive to increase correct diagnosis. The launch actions also include an awareness-boosting campaign on public transport. 

A website for Cities Changing Diabetes Kyiv in Ukrainian was created for the launch. You can access it here.