Joined the programme in 2023

As the first Finnish city to join the program, Cities Changing Diabetes Turku is committed to improve the health, well-being and equality of the citizens of Turku by preventing type 2 diabetes and associated serious chronic diseases. 


In South-West Finland 6,8% of the population are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, out of which approximately 12 000 live in Turku1. If obesity prevalence continues to increase at current trend, almost 8000 more will be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in Turku by 20322. Combined with an aging population, addressing obesity and bending the curve on diabetes is key in avoiding a significant health and economical burden on the city and its citizens.

Diabetes prevalence (adults)

15 %

in men


in women

Obesity prevalence (adults):

25 %

in Finland (BMI ≥ 30)

Overweight and Obesity prevalence (children and adolescents):

26 %

boys in Finland

19 %

girls in Finland

We know the individual amount of exercise starts to decline at an early age and the programme focuses on actions that provide easy to access exercise opportunities to both young and working age citizens, including follow-up to measure the impact and outcomes. Further, the programme is set to increase understanding and awareness of diabetes risk-factors by exploring demographic and regional differences in prevalence, socioeconomic factors and life-styles within the city.

“The Cities Changing Diabetes programme is well aligned to our city strategy; we invest in prevention to support well-being, promote an active life-style and foster public-private partnerships. We look forward to sharing knowledge and experiences in this global network to address some of the biggest global health challenges we face.”

—Niko Kyynäräinen, Director of Economic Development in the city of Turku


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THL obesity prevalence and associated disease Lihavuuteen liittyvä sairastuvuus -karttapalvelu - THL


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Source: THL obesity prevalence and associated disease Lihavuuteen liittyvä sairastuvuus -karttapalvelu - THL