Joined the programme in 2019

In 2019, Greater Manchester joined other UK cities to bend the curve on type 2 diabetes.

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Greater Manchester has a population of 2.9m people, and around 150,000 live with type 2 diabetes. Like in many cities in the UK, type 2 diabetes and obesity are on the rise, and prevalence in Greater Manchester has doubled in the last 20 years. It is expected that over 25% of people living in Greater Manchester will develop the condition in their lifetime.

Key facts and figures


diabetes prevalence today.


diabetes prevalence by 2045, without action.


of adult were overweight or had obesity in 2017/18.1


of children aged 10-11 had obesity in 2017/18.2

Following some preliminary meetings with Health Innovation Manchester (a multi-stakeholder organisation that works with innovators to discover, develop and deploy new solutions that improve the health and wellbeing of its citizens), it became clear than the ethos and ambitions of Cities Changing Diabetes aligned with those of the city, especially in its desire to tackle urban diabetes through innovate means.

As a result of the recent devolution of healthcare budget in Greater Manchester, and the creation of The Health & Social Care Partnership, the city is on its way to becoming one of the first joined up health innovation system in the world.

The focus on research, prevention, management and elimination of type 2 diabetes has been central to the production of the Greater Manchester (GM) strategy for tackling diabetes, which has been devised within the context of the GM Population Health Plan, its focus on lifestyle approaches to health and its aims to improve the utilisation of personal health budgets and social prescribing.

Greater Manchester’s vision is to improve the lives of all people across GM affected by diabetes and at risk of developing it and have recognised clear benefits in embracing this opportunity with Novo Nordisk. The Cities Changing Diabetes partnership will not only highlight Greater Manchester’s existing work on a global platform but also present many exciting opportunities to work collaboratively with other partners around the world to map, share and act.

“We are delighted to have joined the global Cities Changing Diabetes programme and we are looking forward to developing new innovations and research within our system to deliver diabetes prevention and treatment with a person-centred approach within Greater Manchester.”

— Dr Tracey Vell, clinical director of Health Innovation Manchester

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