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Cityscape skyline view of Madrid, bullfighter Las Vantas

There are more than 600.000 adults living with diabetes in the Autonomous Region of Madrid, half of them are undiagnosed. The city of Madrid is the most populated city of the country with more than 3,2 million inhabitants and a prevalence of diabetes of approximately 10% of its population.

Key facts and figures

62 min.

is an average time that residents spend on public transit every day.1


of the population lives with diabetes.

The city of Madrid is aware of the scope of diabetes in the urban environment and the need for a specific approach to prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes. Therefore, Madrid Salud has decided to collaborate with Cities Changing Diabetes to analyse the situation of diabetes in the city. 

Much of the situation analysis will be given with the impact study of the already established program on Food, Physical Activity and Health program (ALAS), that will reveal the strengths and points of improvement of the current interventions to continue developing and fostering action plans achievable for Madrid.  

"In the city of Madrid, we are aware of the importance of addressing obesity and preventing type 2 diabetes to improve the quality of life of citizens. With this objective we have been working for 8 years through the Food, Physical Activity and Health programme to promote a healthy lifestyle and prevent these diseases. We believe that our participation in the CCD project will boost our actions in this regard."

 — Antonio Prieto, General Manager, Madrid Salud