Joined the programme in 2021

Cities Changing Diabetes was launched in Kyiv (Kiev) in November with a mission of providing timely diagnosis, quality treatment, and prevention of diabetes among the citizens. The Ambassador of Denmark in Ukraine Ole Egberg Mikkelsen, the Deputy Chairman of the Kyiv Municipality Anna Starostenko, and the General Director of Novo Nordisk Ukraine Vladyslav Moroz are the main actors of the partnership and signed the Urban Diabetes Declaration as part of the launch. 

About 10% of the Ukrainian population lives in Kyiv (Kiev). There are about 90,000 people officially diagnosed with diabetes. As the capital city of Ukraine, Kyiv (Kiev) is a center of innovation and progressive solutions and the partners are committed to become part of a global network of partner cities and encourage Ukrainians to live healthier. Kyiv (Kiev) can set an example for other cities of Ukraine to implement innovative approaches to defeat diabetes and obesity.

The Cities Changing Diabetes programme in Kyiv (Kiev) will start with an online video marathon, where well-known experts in medicine, healthy lifestyle, and public officials will discuss issues related to diabetes. The programme will include Social communication in public transport and the launch of a Mobile Health Station (minibus), which can help create awareness about diabetes. Concretely people will be able to get a health test (measure blood sugar level, blood pressure, and BMI) to increase level of diagnosis. The minibus will run through the city for several months.