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Genoa has defined itself as the health city of the Italian northern west coast. With an administration strongly committed to guaranteeing health and well-being for its citizens, the city has taken important steps in favour of more healthy lifestyles which are being further strengthened as part of the Cities Changing Diabetes programme.

Historically, the city of Genoa has represented a meeting point between different cultures and absorbed diverse migratory flows. At the end of 2020, immigrants made up 9.5% of the population in Genoa1. The metropolitan city of Genoa has witnessed a progressive reduction in its resident population, and a significant proportion of the remaining residents are considered elderly. Of the 823,000 residents of Genoa, roughly 30% are over the age of 652.


Changes in demographics affect both the prevalence of diabetes and the nature of diabetes interventions, which need to be culturally appropriate to be effective. Approximately 5.5% of the adults in Genoa are living with diabetes and this number is expected to increase.3

The diabetes challenge in Genoa



of the adults in Genoa are living with diabetes3



Roughly 30% of Genoa’s residents are over the age of 652

Screening among at-risk populations

Based on the collected socio-demographic and epidemiological data, Cities Changing Diabetes Genoa launched a screening programme in the metropolitan area to identify residents at risk of developing diabetes and metabolic syndrome. The programme is being rolled out in collaboration with local pharmacists and general practitioners. To encourage physical activity among the identified at-risk residents, Cities Changing Diabetes Genoa is in the process of mapping swimming pools and gyms to promote their easy access.  


Practical training for health managers

In May 2022, Cities Changing Diabetes Genoa organised a Health City Manager course with support from Associazione Nazionale Comuni Italiani (ANCI). The special course will prepare post-graduate students to support local authorities in incorporating health into all political frameworks. 


“The city of Genoa wants to develop concrete actions starting from the study of data in order to identify cultural and social dynamics that affect the vulnerability of diabetes.”

— Cities Changing Diabetes stakeholder


Download Genoa’s Urban Diabetes Declaration

Health City Institute 

Genoa Municipality 

University of Genoa

 Liguria Region 

Italian Municipalities Association (ANCI) 

Italian Diabetes Society (SID) 

Italian Diabetologist Association (AMD) 

Local Patient Association and Citizen Defender


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