Joined the programme in 2023

In March 2023, Campinas became the first Brazilian city to join the Cities Changing Diabetes network. The city’s administration has committed to taking an intersectoral approach to primary prevention and health promotion, supported by a diverse group of partners.

Campinas, Brazil

Campinas has approximately 1.2 million inhabitants and over half of the residents are overweight, and over a quarter are living with obesity.1 These numbers are even higher among those with a low socioeconomic status.2 Additionally, 55% of the city’s residents do not engage in physical activity associated with leisure.1

Key facts and figures



of adults are living with diabetes2 & 1





of adults are living with overweight2



of adults are living with obesity2



of children are living with obesity3

In Campinas, the objective of Cities Changing Diabetes is the development of interventions that support the reduction in the prevalence of obesity, aiming to bend the curve of the incidence of type 2 diabetes in the long term.


To address the health challenges and inequities in Campinas, the Secretariats of Health, Education, and Sports & Leisure, and the Campinas Fruit and Vegetable Supply Centres (CEASA) have joined forces with Novo Nordisk and local implementing partner Impact Hub. Together, they will create a coordinated, multisectoral action plan to empower local health, education and sports professionals to support healthy eating, increased physical activity, and improved mental health among the city’s residents.