Joined the programme in 2017

A key focus of the work by Cities Changing Diabetes in Beijing has been to support the government's efforts to standardise diabetes management by promoting diabetes guidelines in community health centres. 

In Beijing, 12.04% of adults live with obesity1 and 12.02% of adults live with diabetes2. Ensuring these residents receive the diabetes care they need can be challenging in a city as vast and densely populated as Beijing.

Key facts and figures



of adults in Beijing live with diabetes2



adults in Beijing live with obesity1

When Beijing became part of the Cities Changing Diabetes network in 2017, the city expanded an existing programme to train staff working in community health centres to diagnose, treat, and manage diabetes.


A network of community doctors

Cities Changing Diabetes in Beijing has focused on an intervention approach at the community health centre level to strengthen the health system's capacity and effectiveness in treating type 2 diabetes. A network of community doctors across 30 community health centres has been vital to the programme's success.


The Beijing Community Diabetes Diagnosis and Treatment Programme is targeted to delay and prevent complications among those already living with diabetes. This programme benefits 2,000 high-risk residents with individualised diet and exercise plans.


An intervention control study

Cities Changing Diabetes in Beijing is also involved in an intervention control study as part of the Community Diabetes Diagnosis and Treatment Programme. This comparative study involves 15,000 residents selected from high-risk groups and will evaluate the effectiveness of specific interventions.


Moving forward, the Beijing Cities Changing Diabetes working group will organise education and training programmes to strengthen diabetes management among community doctors, aiming to improve outcome indicators of diabetes in the pilot area. 


"The health behaviours of Beijing residents are changing gradually. We will exchange and cooperate through innovative international projects like Cities Changing Diabetes, [and] explore and build the "Beijing model" to effectively improve the management level and efficiency of diabetes prevention and treatment."

 Liu Zejun, Deputy Counsel of Beijing Municipal Health Commission


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Beijing Municipal Health Commission 

Beijing Diabetes Research Center 

Beijing Tongren Hospital (CMU) 

Four community health centres in the districts of Dongcheng and Tongzhou


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