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Bari is a port city overlooking the Adriatic Sea, as well as the capital of the Puglia region, in Southern Italy. Together with a coalition of 25+ partners, the Bari City Municipality is working to improve the health of its citizens by tackling diabetes.

The diabetes challenge in Bari


In the city of Bari, the incidence of diabetes in the last 17 years has gone from 3.3% to 7.7%.


It is estimated that around 70-80% of healthcare resources are currently spent on management of chronic diseases.

Research shows that the prevalence of diabetes varies a lot in the various districts of the city, particularly between the suburbs and the city center. Likelihood of developing diabetes is linked to socio-economic status and people with low levels of education are twice as likely to develop diabetes.

The ambition of the city of Bari is to improve the quality of life for people living with diabetes through improved clinical practice and prevention of complications and disability. Working with the city’s endocrine-diabetic network to strengthen care pathways throughout the region, there is a strong focus on moving from "reactive" to "proactive" care, overcoming the fragmentation of healthcare in the area and strengthening integration between hospital structures, local specialists and general practitioners.

The programme will work in line with the Chronic Patient Management Model "Puglia Care 3.0", approved by a resolution of the Regional Council, which aims to:

  • offer a care pathway consistent with individual health needs and adhering to national and local guidelines.
  • Promote adherence to follow-up by the chronic patient, also focusing on empowerment processes.
  • Ensure equity in access to care and services according to individual needs.

  • Bari City Municipality
  • Bari Metropolitan City
  • Parliamentary Intergroup on QoL in Cities
  • Health City Institute
  • Italian Municipalities Association (ANCI)
  • IBDO Foundation
  • University of Bari
  • Censis Foundation
  • National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT)
  • Institute for Competitiveness (I-COM)
  • Centre for Outcomes Research and Clinical Epidemiology (CORESEARCH)
  • Medipragma, Italian Diabetes Society (SID)
  • Italian Diabetologist Association (AMD)
  • Italian Society of GPs (SIMG)
  • Association of people with diabetes in Bari
  • Diabete Italia
  • C14+
  • Cittadinanzattiva
  • CONI
  • Italian Society of Paediatric Endos (SIEDP)
  • Italian Obesity Association (SIO)
  • Italian Association of Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition (ADI)
  • Fitwalking Association TO Walk LAB
  • Active citizenship