On 16 December, Nuremberg joined Cities Changing Diabetes as city number 45 in the network. The partners are kicking off by exploring measures to reduce the number of residents that will become overweight and develop diabetes. Nuremberg joins the Berlin district of Marzahn-Hellersdorf (joined 2020) and Mainz (joined 2022) as the third network city in Germany. 
Before launch, analysis of the diabetes situation was carried out with the Institute for Health Promotion. Findings show that around 9% of people in Nuremberg live with diabetes, and prevalence varies from 5 to 12 % in some districts.  

Welcome to Nuremberg - our newest city in the network

“Diabetes is unfortunately widespread. With Cities Changing Diabetes, we want to take preventive measures to push back the disease," said Marcus König, Mayor of Nuremberg. Projects for more exercise in everyday life, healthy eating and education about diabetes are being considered. 

The partners will also collaborate with the GORILLA health promotion and education programme, which is making a healthy lifestyle the "new cool" for young and adolescent citizens. GORILLA has operated at a school in Nuremberg for two years, teaching children about exercise and healthy eating in a playful way. 

Good luck with the programme, and we look forward to Nuremberg partners sharing about the selected actions in the future.