Today, I am pleased to share that the new and fourth edition of the Cities Changing Diabetes Briefing Book is now available online and will soon be ready in print. The Briefing Book sets out the urban health challenge that needs confronting globally and shines a light on the many opportunities to make a difference. 

The new Cities Changing Diabetes Briefing Book is published today

The Briefing Book contains updated city profiles covering actions and outcomes from more than 40 partner cities. I want to extend special thanks to all city partners for your contributions and for making this a great resource. The book can inspire action and be a useful aid to convince more Mayors, partners and cities worldwide that the need for change is urgent, that action can be highly effective and that together, vital change in people’s environments, nutrition and health can be brought about. 

We know that not all people have equal access to key ingredients to a healthy life: decent housing, nutritious food, safe mobility, and opportunities for physical activity. The Briefing Book outlines how changes to critical aspects of urban life can make a significant difference: Create better spaces and places that encourage physical activity, design urban mobility for better health, make healthy food accessible and affordable, and create equal opportunity for healthy lives. These four pillars can drive change for healthier cities. 

In the coming weeks, more new Cities Changing Diabetes resources will be launched to help cities get ahead and progress in these areas. In the meantime, I encourage you to download the Briefing Book and share it widely across your networks.