Through the Cities Changing Diabetes network, partners in Nuremberg, Germany, have engaged a new partner from Switzerland, GORILLA. Gorilla is a school programme introducing children and young people to the fun of movement, healthy eating and sustainability through street sports. School children can participate in all-day workshops, during school time, with follow-up engagements spread over two years. 

The monkeys are loose in Germany

At the workshops, children can try out new activities and sports, including introductions to skateboarding, street dance, street soccer and Freestyle Frisbee. Activity sessions are broken up with lessons about the importance of healthy nutrition. At a fun-filled lunch buffet, the Gorilla team show that healthy nutrition does not have to be expensive or boring. In October, Cities Changing Diabetes Germany supported the first workshop at the Paul-Ehrlich School in Nuremberg.

In the coming year, the message "Let's go Gorilla" will be ringing out across Germany more often.