Sharing knowledge is a hallmark of the Cities Changing Diabetes programme, and I’m pleased to share that even prospective members benefit from our network's spirit. Last week, a delegation from the ‘Gezond en Gelukkig Den Haag’ (Healthy and Happy The Hague) coalition in The Netherlands spent two days with practitioners from Tingbjerg Changing Diabetes and the Aarhus social impact bond project. 

The Hague seeks inspiration in Denmark for diabetes and obesity prevention programme

The Coalition has applied for government funding to expand and improve NCD prevention in one of the city’s most socially deprived areas. Data mapping, programme design, stakeholder engagement, and other preparation are underway so that if funding is approved in August, intervention activities can immediately swing into action. 

The Hague coalition is exploring if some planned interventions can be designed and packaged as social impact investments to attract more funding from third parties potentially. 
You can hear more about The Hague’s ambitions and preparations in the upcoming CCD Rounds webinar on 4 May, 15.00 – 16.00 CEST. Sign up here