In the last newsletter, we reported back from the C40 Summit in Buenos Aires, where Cities Changing Diabetes partners had a packed schedule, topped by the launch and workshopping of the Foodscapes Toolkit with delegates.

The Foodscapes Toolkit is now available to improve equitable access to healthy food

The Thriving Foodscapes platform has been collaboratively developed by Gehl, Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen and Cities Changing Diabetes. The newly launched Foodscapes Toolkit is your guide to understanding local food environments, citizen experience and food access. The toolkit is designed to help city officials, organisations and grassroots groups gain an understanding of local food environments. Building this understanding is an important first step towards creating a strategy for a healthy neighbourhood. The toolkit includes guides to help you define the purpose, find out who the right stakeholders to engage are (and how to involve them), an app to assist with data collection, and ideas for packaging your findings in a compelling story. It also comes with access to our Foodscape Community space on Slack, a collaboration platform.

It’s already been tested in five network cities: Copenhagen, Houston, Philadelphia, Bogotá and Lisbon. New features are being added, and we will continue to update the site. We encourage you to check out the website to learn more about the foodscapes approach, read the case stories from the Cities Changing Diabetes cities and use the toolkit. It can be applied to every city and is available to use now. You can access the Foodscapes Toolkit and explore the cases mentioned above here. 

Please contact Thomas at for access credentials to the toolkit and join the Slack channel.