As part of Cities Changing Diabetes in Johannesburg, the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA), together with Youth in Agriculture and Rural Development (YARD), members of the community, and Novo Nordisk South-Africa have established a food garden at the RiverPark Clinic. The team from YARD has provided the expertise and taught volunteers how to plant, grow and manage the food garden. Produce goes directly to people who live with diabetes to increase their access to healthy food.

Partnership helps food gardens thrive at Johannesburg's RiverPark Clinic

NYDA addresses challenges faced by the nation’s youth and initiates programmes that alleviate poverty and combat crime and substance abuse. YARD is a collective of young farmers who teach people how to grow their own food as a way to address food insecurity. 

Many of the communities around RiverPark Clinic experience unemployment and are impacted by rising food prices. The Clinic staff started the garden with the hope of being able to share the food with the community they serve. RiverPark Clinic is run by the City of Johannesburg and has been collaborating with Cities Changing Diabetes in Johannesburg for several years. Local partners are looking into expanding the concept of food gardens to other clinics and schools later this year. A great initiative and we look forward to sharing more as the gardens take root.  

You can read more about our partner city of Johannesburg here