On 4 July, Spor10 - a new community hub for health and well-being - made its grand entrance into the city of Copenhagen with its official opening, featuring a high-level reception, a series of captivating exhibitions, and an inaugural opening party for the public. 

Official opening of Spor10 - a community hub for health and wellbeing

The evening kicked off with the official inauguration by the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Sophie Hæstorp Andersen, Hélène Chartier, C40’s Director of Urban Planning and Design and myself, representing Cities Changing Diabetes. This was followed by a tour of exhibitions showcasing the best practices and knowledge in urban planning and neighbourhood design. Notably, the opening of the Green and Thriving Neighbourhoods and Healthy Foodscapes exhibitions took centre stage, demonstrating tangible action initiatives that uplift community health and well-being. We were pleased to feature two short documentaries related to urban food, one from our Bogota Foodscapes work and one led by UNICEF from Santiago de Chile. The exhibition will run until September. So please do stop by and check it out.

See some photographs from the event below, and read more about Spor10  here