The multi-faceted work of Tingbjerg Changing Diabetes is the focus of a brand new short film created in conjunction with the opening of a new health centre in the heart of the community. 

Short film documenting the community intervention in Tingbjerg

Tingbjerg Changing Diabetes is a long-term community intervention initiative to promote health and prevent type 2 diabetes among high-risk population groups living in the socially disadvantaged neighbourhood of Tingbjerg in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is a place-based approach led by Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen that includes coordinated interventions driven by multiple stakeholders across everyday settings.

The guiding principle of the work in Tingbjerg is that only by strengthening social capital can we improve health. The interventions include a community garden and a weekly restaurant where residents cultivate, cook and eat together – strengthening social cohesion in a district rich in cultural diversity. 

Discover how the dynamic and versatile partnership works with the community to co-create sustainable activities to prevent diabetes. 

Watch the video here.