The foothills of the German Alps proved the perfect setting over the summer for the culmination of a health intervention initiated in the Hasenbergl district, a socially deprived area of Munich.

Ain't no mountain high enough for Munich partners

Cities Changing Diabetes partner Lichtblick Hasenbergl is engaged with more than 200 families from the area, which has a persistently high unemployment rate and a high prevalence of obesity and diabetes. In early 2021, eight young people from this care pool were motivated to join a mountain bike team, with the promise of training and support to build their strength, coordination, and endurance. Beyond physical fitness, the intervention aimed to deliver a lasting improvement to health, mental well-being and healthy eating.

Eighteen months on, the participants embarked on an endurance weekend of cycling through the mountains. The weekend kicked off with a health and fitness evaluation followed by a multi-day ride. The participants' physical and mental progress was evident, with fitness levels higher than when the intervention began, and the mountains were truly conquered.

Lichtblick Hasenbergl has expanded its offering, branching out into more sports, a Power Girls training offering, nutrition education and swimming courses for children and adults from the district. Great news, and a special well done to participants Dominik, Sigi, Edmonda, Marleine and Ejorna – a fantastic achievement! 

You can read about the case here