On 15 December, the winners of the Healthy Childhood Challenge, a collaboration with UNICEF to advance healthy and active environments for children, were invited to present their winning projects during a global webinar. The event was hosted by Vilma Tyler from UNICEF, Camilla Sylvest from Novo Nordisk, and facilitated by Jo Jewell, who at that time worked at UNICEF. If you would like to meet the winners, you can find the webinar recording here.

Meet the winners of the Healthy Childhood Challenge

Watching the webinar, you will meet three organisations - two from Brazil and one from Mozambique - and hear about their inspiring projects, briefly profiled below.
Solidarity Kitchens, from Brazil, will pilot an offering to families of social and health activities,  developing community gardens and educational training to improve food literacy. Mozambique’s MozNutri is a social enterprise that funds healthy and locally-sourced school lunches using an innovative finance model involving… peanut butter! And finally, Ajuri, from Brazil, will work with indigenous and Afro-Brazilian communities to use food, play and film to recover healthy traditions and practices. 

The stories behind the projects are well worth a watch. We look forward to following the winners and seeing how they will evolve their projects. For more information, click here.