Earlier this week, in CCD Rounds webinar #11, a group of finance and health experts discussed the growing potential for value-based diabetes prevention approaches in both high- and low-resource settings. 

The speakers made the case that substantial new funding can be unlocked via innovative financing approaches.  

  • Kirza Buch Kristensen from the World Diabetes Foundation spoke about the need and challenges of financing prevention interventions for diabetes (and NCDs) in low-resource settings.
  • Chintan Maru from Leapfrog to Value made a case for paying for value/outcomes in community and primary care settings. 
  • Peter Bíndslev Iversen from Diabetes Prevention Investment Lab described how to build a diabetes impact bond partnership using experiences from Denmark.
  • Lucía Santirso Richards from Outcomes Partnerships provided advice on how to design an ‘investable’ intervention with an example from the Healthier Devon, UK programme.
  • Lars Eibelholm from SEB explained what would make a diabetes project interesting to investors and what the payment mechanism could look like.
  • Hans Uldall-Poulsen from Dalberg moderated the session and provided some ground rules for getting started with innovative financing for health.

Watch the webinar here

During the webinar, the new Cities Changing Diabetes guide to getting started with innovative financing of health programmes was announced. Read the guide here