Together with Gehl, we successfully completed the 2023 Healthy Thriving Neighbourhoods masterclass in Copenhagen. This engaging event brought together participants from six cities: Amsterdam, Istanbul, Lisbon, Johannesburg, Madrid and Mississauga.

Healthy Thriving Neighbourhoods Masterclass 2023

Over three days, the masterclass provided a unique and immersive learning experience. Day 1 focused on introducing the concept of Healthy Thriving Neighborhoods and included activities such as mapping stakeholders and laying the foundation for collaborative efforts. On day 2, participants could test the tools and observe the public realm by visiting sites in Copenhagen. One of the site visits went to Tingbjerg, a socially disadvantaged neighbourhood in Copenhagen. The main objective was to gain insights into a long-term community intervention initiative called Tingbjerg Changing Diabetes. Learn more about the initiative here

Through insightful discussions and the sharing of best practices, attendees learned valuable lessons from each other's experiences. 

The final day was dedicated to co-creating interventions for health impact. Participants collaborated closely, leveraging their new-found knowledge and expertise to propose innovative solutions for healthier communities. We hope the masterclass will serve as a catalyst for positive change, fostering collaboration and empowering participants to make a tangible difference in their respective communities.

I want to express my sincere gratitude to Gehl and to all the participants for their active engagement and invaluable contributions throughout the masterclass. 

You can get a feel of the event by visiting our Twitter account  here or watching a short film from the Masterclass here