Cities Changing Diabetes China has launched a call for new actions to build healthy and supportive environments in the community. An exhibition was used to launch the campaign, celebrating a decade of a sister-city agreement between Copenhagen and Beijing. 

Healthy and supportive environments are at the heart of a new wave of Cities Changing Diabetes China activities

The event, “Beijing-Copenhagen: a fairytale of two cities – imagine the sustainable future of cities” was co-hosted by the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, the City of Copenhagen and the Embassy of Denmark in China, the exhibition marks the anniversary and the ongoing cooperation on sustainable urban development between the cities.
Cities Changing Diabetes partners were represented during the event, including the Danish ambassador, Thomas Østrup Møller, Zheng Junpu, Vice Director-General of Beijing Municipal Health Commission, Ms Kong Lingzhi, and Ms Jia Weiping. Niklas Feilberg, Counsellor for Health, Embassy of Denmark, presented the Tingbjerg Changing Diabetes programme about building a health-supportive environment in the community.

The declaration for building a healthy supportive environment together contains four advocating calls: advocate families to make good use of support tools and set a good health example; advocate units to care for employees' health and set a healthy example; support communities to create a healthy atmosphere and improve health literacy, and finally, support medical institutions to strengthen health education and provide health guidance.

Thanks to all involved for prioritising health and keeping obesity and diabetes prevention high on the agenda.