Cities Changing Diabetes partners, stakeholders and even network city Mayors helped ensure health in cities was front and centre at the C40 Mayors Summit  in Buenos Aires last week.  
Before the summit kick-off, Cities Changing Diabetes and Gehl hosted a two-day Foodscapes masterclass for participants from Merida, Santiago, Bogota and Philadelphia, as well as other network colleagues from across Latin America. 

Foodscapes and equitable access to healthy food in the spotlight at C40 Summit in Buenos Aires

Participants got to test out the new Foodscapes toolkit and got expert tuition on how to consider their own cities’ challenges and relate those to the foodscapes methodology. Participants have returned to their cities and will start their foodscape studies. 

Thanks to all who took part, and to Gehl and Cities Changning Diabetes in Buenos Aires for making this an excellent experience for all – I look forward to sharing how each city will use the foodscapes tools in due course. The foodscapes toolkit and previous cases can be found here

A side event to the main summit on “ Equitable Access to Healthy Food” brought together different perspectives on access to healthy and sustainable food in our cities. Jeff Risom from Gehl Architects, Luisa Brumana from UNICEF and Ida Bigum of the City of Copenhagen joined me on the panel. We had great interest in the event and good discussions on city policy, malnutrition and poor access to healthy food for children, and insights on how the built environment determines access to healthy food. You can watch a recording of the event here. 

Cities Changing Diabetes was also represented on the main C40 programme at a session focused on Green & Thriving Neighbourhoods, where I participated in a panel on the 15-Minute City concept. Joined in the panel by the Mayor of Rome, the Governor of the Santiago Metro Region and the IKEA expansion manager, we discussed turning the 15-Minute City from a vision into reality, and how to grow equitable walking and cycling investments by modeling health and climate benefits.