To understand the relationship between people’s everyday food behaviours and the places and communities they live in, Cities Changing Diabetes has partnered with Gehl to take a place-based approach to assess food environments. Assessments have successfully been conducted in Philadelphia, Houston and Bogota to understand local challenges and develop innovative solutions. You can learn about the research by reading the  report from Bogota and watching the  CCD Rounds.

Foodscape toolkit tested in Lisbon

Cities Changing Diabetes and Gehl has partnered with a community group called Locals Approach, working in the Ajuda neighbourhood in Lisbon to co-create a foodscape assessment toolkit, test it, and implement a community-based project that makes it easier for people to access the food they want and need. 

Some weeks ago, Cities Changing Diabetes and Gehl went to Lisbon to be on-site and assist with collecting observational data about the food environment in Ajuda, with an App being developed as part of the foodscape toolkit. 

The Ajuda neighbourhood is located in western Lisbon, and approximately 15,617 people live there. However, Ajuda has a university, meaning that thousands of people come to Ajuda daily.  Thus thousands of people can be reached and positively impacted by improving the food environment in this neighbourhood. 

The foodscape toolkit will be available to other cities at the end of the year. Stay tuned.