The first Australian chapter of Cities Changing Diabetes launched in December with a host of grassroots activities and partnerships in Sydney. The Sydney partnership is initially focused on supporting two populations at high risk of diabetes and obesity, Western Sydney and Indigenous populations. The partnership includes Western Sydney Diabetes (WSD), Workers Lifestyle Group (WLG) and Indigenous not-for-profit, ‘Uncle Jimmy’s Thumbs Up!’. 

Cities Changing Diabetes Sydney kicks off with targeted programmes for vulnerable groups

“We’re extremely proud to partner with respected organisations that work daily to address the causes and escalating impacts of diabetes in Western Sydney and Indigenous residents,” says Mark Scott, Australian public affairs manager at Novo Nordisk. 

At least 13% of the Western Sydney population has diabetes, with almost as many again estimated to be undiagnosed or have risk factors. Blacktown Workers Club will host a diabetes detection pilot run by WSD offering free HbA1C testing and will install SiSu Health Stations enabling members to track weight, BMI, blood pressure and more. The stations will provide lifestyle advice, health improvement tools and support to engage with healthcare professionals, while data will provide localised insights.

Cities Changing Diabetes Sydney is also sponsoring a roll-out of The Good Tucker App. The App enables shoppers to identify healthy foods and drinks. The roll-out will involve extensive digital and community engagement activities to maximise app uptake.

This is an extensive array of launch activities. Welcome onboard, Sydney!