On 17 June, I had the opportunity to share learnings from Cities Changing Diabetes during the World Health Summit. The event takes place every year in different parts of the world, and this time, it was hosted and organised by the Sapienza University in Rome. The university is a partner of Cities Changing Diabetes in Rome. 

Cities Changing Diabetes presented at the World Health Summit Regional Meeting 2022

This session was very relevant and timeous as, for example, WHO has recently called for a strong focus on health promotion based on the concept of “wellbeing societies”. In this context, programmes such as Cities Changing Diabetes are essential in promoting local interventions to address the social and cultural factors that can increase diabetes risk.

I was part of the session focusing on Metabolic Syndrome and Chronic Diseases: Lifestyles and Health promotion. The session covered some important initiatives in lifestyles and health promotion, including: 

  • The need for health promotion approaches that reach out to communities to empower the vulnerable and increase levels of health literacy was highlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • Analysing risks, reducing risks and ensuring risk containment approaches is an undertaking for the whole of society and all governance bodies. 
  • Future health actions and policies require a One Health approach, including lifestyles and health promotion.  

You can read more about the event here