On 9 June 2023, Cities Changing Diabetes partners and other stakeholders, including the World Health Organisation (WHO), gathered in Johannesburg to launch and commit to the Gauteng Province pledge to implement the National Strategic Plan on the Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases 2022–27.

Cities Changing Diabetes Johannesburg signs joint declaration for the prevention of NCDs

The plan is government-led, supported by technical experts, civil society organisations and other relevant organisations. Cities Changing Diabetes was invited to sign the multisectoral pledge of commitment to fight NCDs (pictured below). 

The plan recognises the need for strong partnerships and multi-sectoral collaborations and advocates for strengthening capacity for implementation. The plan pointed to cultural and societal factors, which are contributory root causes of NCD prevalence. For example, urbanisation has increased the distance from farm to table in Gauteng, driving demand for unhealthy, processed foods. These consumption patterns and increasingly sedentary lifestyles have put the urban population at higher risk for obesity and other NCDs.