The Cities Changing Diabetes partnership in Argentina’s capital city, Buenos Aires, relaunched last week, convening partners and ministers from health, social promotion and welfare departments at a joint event.

Cities Changing Diabetes in Buenos Aires relaunches partnership with City Government

The relaunch was hosted at the headquarters of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, and a joint press release declared a renewed commitment to promote physical activity and improve the quality of life for citizens.

Francisco Resnicoff, Undersecretary of International Relations, said at the event: “The City of Buenos Aires redoubles and reinforces its commitment to the 2030 sustainable development agenda. Good health and well-being for citizens and establishing multisectoral partnerships to achieve sustainable development are important goals for us.” 

The partners have begun planning activities and agreed to cooperate to strengthen public health policies and promote healthy behaviours. “The commitment will contribute to positioning Buenos Aires among the twenty global capitals with the best quality of life,” said Francisco. 

That’s a great ambition, and seeing momentum renewed in this way is encouraging. Well done to all involved, and we look forward to hearing more in due course.