If you can find six minutes to learn about how lasting behavioural changes for people with type 2 diabetes can be encouraged and supported, now you can watch the new video about the Center for Diabetes in Copenhagen. The Center for Diabetes is a rehabilitation centre for people with type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Its services are accessed following a doctor’s referral, thereafter offering supportive services for people living with diabetes. 

Center for Diabetes in Copenhagen short video is available now

People have access to a multidisciplinary healthcare team that includes nurses, physiotherapists and dieticians. The services offered by the centre include group and individual diabetes education, indoor and outdoor fitness classes, daily activities and cooking classes. 

The Center for Diabetes opened in 2016 and has been visited by 75% of individuals newly diagnosed with diabetes in Copenhagen since then, 82% of whom have been satisfied with what they accomplished with the centre. The average long-term blood sugar levels of patients have dropped by more than 10%, and diabetes stress among patients has reduced from 38% to 22%. The centre has proven to be so successful that a new facility that will double capacity is in the planning stage.

The video is a great snapshot of the work being done and the philosophy that is driving these good results. You can watch it here