Mark your calendar and join us on 28 February for the next CCD Rounds. We will learn how JOGG creates and repeats impactful community-integrated initiatives that promote healthy living and prevent obesity and type 2 diabetes in the Netherlands. 

CCD Rounds webinar on healthy environments for young people

Healthy Youth, Healthy Future is JOGG's motto. The organisation has been the driving force behind stakeholder initiatives in more than 200 municipalities across the Netherlands for over a decade. 

JOGG’s method is rooted in a locally-led approach, in which parents and healthcare professionals are supported by local authorities, schools and businesses  – all working in partnership to create healthy environments that help young people achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Patty Scholten, programme manager for JOGG, will share how the activities are sustained through government funding, using top-ups from civil society organisations and the private sector. Patty will also walk us through how local businesses and food outlets are brought on board as collaborators to create healthy environments beyond the school gates and how successful initiatives get replicated in new communities.

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