On 27 June, we will host the next CCD Rounds webinar, when participants can learn about an uplifting programme making family dinner time a fun, community and relationship-building asset in the quest for better urban health and healthy eating.

CCD Rounds #14: Learn about healthier eating for families through community activation

We will dive into the story of a nationwide community cookery programme that improves family nutrition and encourages healthy dining habits in Copenhagen and across Denmark. 

By empowering parents with the skills and knowledge to create healthier dishes from scratch with their children, Hello Kitchen is creating sustainable, positive change in how families approach food. Their recipe for success is a blend of strong community activation, a sprinkle of laughter for the kids, a dash of fun for parents, and a splash of interactive learning to ignite the passion for healthy cooking. Hello Kitchen has found an impactful way to motivate and include fathers through their Dad’s Cookery School and families from disadvantaged backgrounds through its Family Kitchen programmes.  

Mette Bøgebjerg Jørgensen, managing director of Hello Kitchen, and Jonas Vigkilde, head of activation, will share how their community partnership approach has helped parents and children all over Denmark maintain a healthy weight and discover the joy of nutritious eating as a family.

Register now here and, as always, share the event link with your network to spread the word. 

Tune in live at 14.00 (CEST), and let’s unlock the power of healthy eating in cities everywhere!