Cities Changing Diabetes features prominently in an article published this week on Canada's Globe and Mail website on how public-private partnerships (P3) can alleviate the stress of chronic disease on the health system. The feature article builds on a webinar in early May in which Cities Changing Diabetes shared the stage with the Raven Indigenous Capital Partners, an impact investor in socially responsible projects, and speakers from the University of Toronto.

Cities Changing Diabetes in Canada shows how community engagement can be critical to a Public Private Partnership's success

The article points to shared commitment and longevity as important attributes of successful P3 initiatives. Lisa Mitchell, president and CEO of the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships, says in the article: “The shared responsibility between governments, private industry and philanthropic organisations incentivises private-service providers to stay on target and within budget, which protects taxpayers with a return on investment far into the future.”  

Adam Marsella, director of external affairs, Novo Nordisk Canada, adds: “The issue of diabetes is so broad and challenging that no single stakeholder could tackle it on their own. We are in this for the long-term benefit and try to bring in partners with the same vision.” 

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