On 31 March, the City of Campinas, the Embassy of Denmark in Brazil, Impact Hub and Novo Nordisk Brazil launched Cities Changing Diabetes Campinas with an event for more than 200 participants in the City Hall. The launch was covered extensively in local print media including a large story and backgrounder on diabetes in Hora Campinas. TV and internet reports on G1 Global reached a wide audience, and you can see the video report here

Campinas has joined Cities Changing Diabetes

The event started with an introduction to Cities Changing Diabetes by Isabella Wanderley, General Manager of Novo Nordisk in Brazil, along with the Ambassador of Denmark, Eva Pedersen, and Gabriela Werner, Vice-Chair of Impact Hub, the implementation partner in the city.

The Mayor of Campinas, Dario Saadi, spoke of the city's commitment to preventing diabetes and obesity through an intersectoral approach and signed the Urban Diabetes Declaration. The programme in Campinas will focus on empowering local health and education professionals so that a coordinated action plan can improve healthy eating habits and boost engagement in physical activities across the city's communities. Secretaries of Health, Education, Sports and Leisure, were joined by representatives of the City Council and CEASA (Campinas fruit and vegetable supply centres) to discuss the health inequity challenges in Campinas.

Congratulations to all involved in the first Cities Changing Diabetes partnership in Brazil for generating significant awareness and media coverage and attracting an influential group of stakeholders to the cause. Welcome on board!