On 20 April, the partners of Cities Changing Diabetes in Lisbon and local stakeholders from the district of Ajuda met for an engaging workshop to co-create a joint community initiative focusing on access to healthy food in Ajuda. 

Ajuda district's healthy foodscapes research lays the groundwork for action in Cities Changing Diabetes Lisboa

Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen and Locals Approach, the partner from Lisbon, facilitated the workshop. Participants were steered through identifying priority areas and actions and specifying the resources needed to establish sustainable solutions in Ajuda. 

Cities Changing Diabetes Lisboa relaunched in November 2022 with a commitment to promoting healthy behaviours and focusing on food environments. Gehl, Locals Approach, and Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen presented a foodscapes assessment for the Ajuda district. The final Ajuda Foodscape Study report documents the relationship between public life, public space and food places in the district. 

Based on the evidence-based report, workshop participants could collaboratively select priorities and strategies of interventions to inform an action plan for Ajuda. The findings provide interesting perspectives on food and public spaces relevant in cities and districts far beyond Ajuda. I encourage you to read the Ajuda Foodscapes Study report, which you can access here.