1. The Urban Diabetes Action Framework

    The Urban Diabetes Action Framework is an interactive PDF that guides cities on how to develop interventions to prevent and control diabetes and obesity.

It contains step-by-step guidance on the journey from problem to solution, provides tools to facilitate the process and gives examples of good practise interventions from CCD cities and beyond. 
You get access to step-by-step guidance that helps you understand your challenge, prioritise a solution, and implement it. You get access to tools that help you achieve each step of this journey. And you get the opportunity to find inspiration from best practice cases that present the methods, tools, and narratives each mobilised to reach successful results.

It is an open and dynamic playbook that provides actionable resources to drive the implementation of prevention and health promotion interventions

The Action Framework can assist cities in facilitating the process of transitioning from the mapping of a problem to acting with a solution. It can be used by a variety of actors and aims to kickstart the process of developing tangible and impactful interventions. 

The Action framework is tailored for several audiences, so that researchers, city projects managers and community groups can use it together.