The Urban Diabetes Action Framework

The Urban Diabetes Action Framework is an interactive guide (PDF) that helps you develop impactful public health interventions to control and prevent diabetes and obesity. It is a dynamic platform, bound to evolve, that provides actionable resources to drive the implementation of your intervention.

You get access to step-by-step guidance on the journey from problem to solution, simple and effective tools to facilitate this journey, and best practise cases from partner cities and beyond which you can draw inspiration from. 

The framework will assist you, decision-makers, and city practitioners, in facilitating the transition from understanding the diabetes challenge to implementing a solution. The framework can be used in a variety of ways – through steps, cases, tools – by different actors and aims to kickstart the development of tangible, impactful interventions.

The framework is tailored for various users so that researchers, decision-makers, city project managers, community organisations, and others can find actionable resources that will help them garner support to drive successful interventions.

Coming in the end of November.