Cities Changing Diabetes is a commitment to drive action against type 2 diabetes and obesity in cities globally. The global public-private partnership programme addresses the systemic issues underlying the rise in obesity and type 2 diabetes, and aims to reduce health inequity. 

To learn more about how urban development drives the development of obesity and type 2 diabetes, Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen, University College London, and Novo Nordisk launched Cities Changing Diabetes in 2014. The research conducted under the programme has led to a deep understanding of the social and cultural determinants of health.

Today, the programme includes more than 40 cities with 150 partnership organisations involved. This includes city leaders, health authorities, academia, diabetes associations, health providers, community groups, and business corporations. 

The Cities Changing Diabetes programme is built on three interconnected elements that enable cities to map the challenges associated with obesity and diabetes, share key insights and learnings, and provides tools that can accelerate local action on the ground.

cities in the global network

local partners, incl. private and public sector, academia, NGOs

research studies conducted

interventions on urban diabetes and obesity initiated

mayors have signed the Urban Diabetes Declaration committing to action