The qualitative research in Johannesburg revealing insights into vulnerability to type 2 diabetes and diabetes-related complications will be implemented in 2017.


Rule of Halves

The data collection phase for the quantitative research in Johannesburg was performed during August and September 2016 andthe results were presented on World Diabetes Day, 14 November 2016.the results consists of the prevalence of type 2 diabetes from people visiting a representative part of the medical clinics in Johannesburg. Furthermore, the Rule of Halves will also be presented based on questionnaires and blood samples from participants from the clinics.


The research is performed by School of Public Health, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, led by Dr. Debashis Basu.

Read more about the research and results in Urban Diabetes – Understanding the challenges and opportunities.


Questionnaires and blood samples were conducted among a representative sample of 2,600 adults visiting 14 clinics  (primary health centres and community health centres) in Johannesburg. Retired nurses have been trained in the data collection procedure and every tenth adult entering the clinic was selected and asked to participate.

Individual viewpoints on vulnerability to type 2 diabetes will be collected in 2017.

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