Partners on the panel at CCD Summit 2017 in Houston

A partnership programme

Cities Changing Diabetes is a first-of-its kind partnership platform for cross-disciplinary, cross-sector collaboration in response to the dramatic rise in urban diabetes across the world. Today, more than 415 million people around the world have diabetes, two third of them live in cities. No organisation or company can solve the challenge alone. Therefore the programme is built on public-private partnerships between business, city leaders and planners, architects, healthcare professionals, academics, community leaders and others with a stake in the outcome.

Initiated by Novo Nordisk, University College London and the Steno Diabetes Center in 2014, the programme now has 100+ partners across the world, including city leads, ministries and city administrations, local academia, diabetes associations, health insurances, local community centres and business corporations.

Only together, can we fight the rise of urban diabetes. 

Get to know our partners

Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk is at the forefront of one of today’s great health challenges: diabetes. As specialists in diabetes treatment, we’re committed to finding the next generation of medicines through long-term investment in innovation. Our key contribution is to discover and develop these medicines, manufacture them to scale and make them accessible wherever they are needed. But living with chronic disease is about more than getting the right medicine. That’s why we’re working on helping people to receive the right treatment and achieve the right outcomes. We are committed to playing our part in the global fight against diabetes, and Cities Changing Diabetes is at the heart of this commitment.

University College London - UCL

Over the last few years, UCL has put its weight behind understanding the impacts of urbanisation. Under the banner of its ‘Grand Challenge’ commitments to Global Health, Sustainable Cities, Intercultural Interaction, and Human Wellbeing, a cross-disciplinary group has sought to contribute to urban sustainability by identifying health vulnerabilities and addressing the modifiable risk factors that can reduce the impact of NCDs globally. We are delighted to bring our expertise to bear through supporting research that will underpin Cities Changing Diabetes. More than that, our approach is aimed at making an impact that is sustainable into the future, giving new momentum to this global initiative.

Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen

Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen is a world leading institution in diabetes care and prevention, with a focus on the early stages of the disease. Established by Novo Nordisk A/S in 1932, we are a not for profit organisation working in partnership with the Danish healthcare system. We treat around 5600 people with diabetes. As a partner in Cities Changing Diabetes we draw on our experience in creating innovative and sustainable approaches to tackling diabetes at the community level, our work training healthcare professional in cities across the world and our expertise in providing care in Copenhagen. We believe we can make a significant contribution to the fight against urban diabetes.

Local city partners are central to the success of the Cities Changing Diabetes programme. Today there are more than 100 local partners in our programme cities. Some cities have many – others fewer. Local city partners vary from city leaders and planners, architects, healthcare professionals, academics, community leaders, faith groups and NGOs. But all share the same goal: to put health and diabetes higher on the urban agenda.

Without engaged and active local partners we cannot bring about the real change we aim for. Together with them we identify, develop and implement actions that take us towards our shared ambition to create cities which help us all live healthier lives, and in which people with diabetes can live life to the full.

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